Afra S Mohammed Poems

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Love Is Blind

they say, love is blind.
but I can see my love, I can see it clearly.
So i sit down and wonder...
Is love really... blind?


My blood, sweat, tears, and my last dance
Take it all away
My blood, sweat, tears, and my cold breath
Take it all away

Fake Love [originally By Bts English Version]

For you, I could pretend like I was happy when I was sad
For you, I could pretend like I was strong when I was hurt
I wish love was perfect as love itself
I wish all my weaknesses could be hidden

We had nothing but dreams
Nothing but foggy mornings when we opened our eyes
We stayed up all night to dance and sing
The endless music sheets

On [originally By Bts English Translation]

I can't understand what people are sayin'
Who and what do I need to follow
With each step then again grows the shadow
Where is this place I open my eyes to

Something The World Needs To Know About Bts.

When I translate a BTS's song into English, I do lose the soul of the song. but when i know what it means, I feel like I understand what the Korean says. and my mind automatically translates the words when I listen to them. so I feel comforted. just. sorry, all I'll say is that the English vocab is not enough to describe my love and compassion for them. Min Yoongi -Suga- for example faced depression, social anxiety, OCD, shoulder surgery, a rough childhood, unsupportive parents, suicide attempt and so much more. Yet this very man is the cause for millions of ARMY's still being alive today. One of my best friends is also an ARMY. she had suicidal thoughts but when she thought of how Suga pulled through she decided she could be like him too. BTS inspire a feeling of hope, dreams and a feeling of life in people. It was the same for me, and they gave me another life. a second chance for myself, to love myself. there was once a fire inside of me, it had dwindled into a flickering flame. but just as it was about to die, they ignited it again. They are the reason I am here today, the reason I'm living. sure i was living physically, but mentally I was dying. BTS erased that thought from my mind and taught me to love myself. prioritize myself over others. my own happiness. and to become someone that didn't live in black and white, but in color. my world had dulled and turned blue and grey. but when they came it flashed full of color. full of purple. purple means trust and hope, love forever. and I purple BTS with all my heart.

i once thought when my heart broke it broke into 8 pieces.7 of them perfectly equal the last a bit smaller. The 7 were each of the members, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook, loving them all equally, the 8th was me. myself. loving myself became an aspect in my life, it wasn't easy. but I did it, it wasn't easy loving myself, with all my insecurities but I learned to push that away and see the real me, the caring girl inside. the girl who had nothing to do with what others thought and just wanted to be happy. Then I became the girl who loved BTS. the girl who got to heaven with them. the girl who became bulletproof with them. the girl who wanted to die, became a girl who wanted to live again. the girl who wanted to become invisible was visible to herself again. I finally saw me. I was all alone, but now I have BTS. the 7 people who are the angels in my life and the reason why I am here today. the reason I have dreams again, the reason I can win my own love for myself. the reason in which I could finally see the girl inside. They are truly angels and I am not whole without them. I used to think that I wished I had found them earlier, but no. I found them when I needed them, when I needed someone to make me smile and feel whole, someone who cared enough, someone who made me feel special. someone who gave me a chance to live again. someone who loved me. So, thank you. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us, we purple you with all of our heart. Thanks for everything.

Wild And Free

Your stare is holding. Ripped jeans, skin showing.
Hot night wind blowing. Where did you think your going?
It's hard to look beneath those eyes.
It's hard to see, right through that smile

Take Two [originally By Bts. English Translation ]

Will you stay?
I want to hold onto the time
That's flying by with me
Will you go? (Will you go?)

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