Francis Duggan Africa Poems

I Dreamt I Was In Africa

I dreamt I was in Africa neath Serengeti sky
I heard the wild dogs barking, the spotted hyenas cry,
I heard the male lion roaring his anger pierced the night,
I dreamt I was in Africa neath African moonlight.

I Would Love To Go To Africa

I would love to go to Africa to see the wildlife there
To bring away from there great memories that with others i could share
To see the Serengeti the World's greatest wildlife park
And hear the male lions roaring and hear the wild dogs bark.

In The Horn Of Africa

Where the precious top soil in the thirsty wind is flying
In the Horn of Africa millions of people are dying
The cattle there starving bones showing through the skin
And people young and old there hungry, weakly and thin

She'D Love To Live In Africa

She'd love to live in Africa in the land of the Maasai
And with the tribal people dance under the moonlit sky
The rhythmic drummer beats his drum and the dancers rock and sway
She'd love to live in Africa twelve thousand miles away.

The Cape Hunting Dogs Of Africa

They run for hours on end each day through grasses gray and brown
Race antelope to a stand still and drag big zebra down
Outlast the speedy wildebeest their victims die in pain
Those amazing cape hunting dogs the hunters of the plain.