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Afzal Hussain Poems

1. I Have Never Lived A Moment Without Your Thoughts 4/25/2009
2. I Wish To Talk To You Always 4/28/2009
3. Your Thoughts And Your Love 4/30/2009
4. It Is All My Inablitity To Keep Others Happy 5/2/2009
5. I Shall Never Stop Loving You 5/7/2009
6. I Feel Absolutely At Home With You 5/12/2009
7. Love Is The Strangest Of All Emotions 5/15/2009
8. I Never Like To Be Without You 5/16/2009
9. I Shall Enter Your Heart And Live There Forever 5/17/2009
10. I Shall Never Condemn Life 5/21/2009
11. I Love To Think Of You 5/22/2009
12. I Love To Think Of You Always 5/22/2009
13. Life Becomes A Painful Dream 6/11/2009
14. I Desire Nothing But To Be Close To You 6/12/2009
15. There Is Nothing Sweeter Than Love 6/15/2009
16. There Is No Hide And Seek In Love 5/27/2009
17. I Have No Desire But To Be With You Forever 5/30/2009
18. I Have Learnt More From My Loneliness 12/27/2012
19. Do You Feel Without Me Saying 3/10/2013
20. Pray For My Success Please 11/1/2013
21. My Love 12/2/2011
22. I Need To Kiss And Love You 5/23/2009
23. I Am Yours And Shall Always Be Yours 5/18/2009
24. I Have Always Thought Of Living With You Foverver 5/20/2009
25. Desire Dream And Death 6/5/2009
26. Silence Causes Suspicion It Hurts 5/13/2009
27. You Lips Are So Sweet To Taste 5/5/2009
28. I Live Because Of You 5/8/2009
29. I Cherish Your Kisses More Than Anything In This World 5/9/2009
30. I Become Restless When I Don'T Get To Talk To You 5/11/2009
31. Why Do I Wait Often Wait For You 5/4/2009
32. I Don'T Know What I Am Looking For 5/4/2009
33. How Can I Live After Knowing You Love Me 5/6/2009
34. I Know When You Are Near Me 5/26/2009
35. I Have Always Dreamt Of You 4/26/2009
36. My Pain My Sorrow 4/21/2009
37. Richness Of Soul 4/21/2009
38. No Distance Is A Distance In Love 4/23/2009

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Best Poem of Afzal Hussain

No Distance Is A Distance In Love

You may be living

In a far away land

But you are never

Far by any means

For every word I say

You understand

Read the full of No Distance Is A Distance In Love

Desire Dream And Death

How could I not Desire

My dream to come true

For all I want Is

To love you before my death

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