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Something About Love

I sometimes struggle to find the words to describe you.
I can’t, I know,
So I won’t.


Did you ever get punched in the head,
Really hard, like a full-on man punch?
The first thought, (if you’re not knocked out) that runs through your mind is why?
Why on earth would someone punch ME in the head?


This collective conscious is boring me!
This collaborative effort is a noose.
All of it is meant to feign existence and Togetherness.
Its result is absolute


Did you ever see her sparkle?
I mean, did you ever see her really shine like I do?
Sitting there, engrossed in a moment,
she hardly knows I'm lost.

Dinnner Date

You can take all this
for yourself if you like.
We're done with the spoon,
the fork and the knife.

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Born an orphan and raised by wild beasts in the adirondacks. Served in all the important wars including the following: 'Nam, Granada, Falkland Islands, Chocolate, etc. Settled down in Bora Bora with 14 wives and innumerable children. This is my life!

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