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Born an orphan and raised by wild beasts in the adirondacks. Served in all the important wars including the following: 'Nam, Granada, Falkland Islands, Chocolate, etc. Settled down in Bora Bora with 14 wives and innumerable children. This is my life!

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Something About Love

I sometimes struggle to find the words to describe you.
I can’t, I know,
So I won’t.

Rather, write it down
To remember it all slowly,
To remind me gradually,
How you’ve changed me.

The curtain is pulled away, slowly,
For dramatic affect.
Behind it you’ll see I’m nothing,
Lost and alone, without you, I disappear.

You’ve done this to me.
Pulled away the veil on this thing called living.
Displayed it as beautiful, rather than ugly,
And shown me my dreams
For what they are.

All of these contained in one single touch,
A glance, or a word, unspoken truths.
I find, in you, something that has long been silent,
A need, at its base, to be loved by you.

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Agent Chaos Popularity

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