Aglia Nost

Aglia Nost Poems

1. My Best Friend 1/20/2013
2. The Thought Of Your Loss Is Too Heavy A Grief 1/28/2013
3. I Wonder 1/29/2013
4. Why I Love You 2/25/2013
5. To The Most Delightful Mystery 2/27/2013
6. Adieu 2/28/2013
7. Everyday 5/27/2013
8. Ode To Silence 6/24/2013
9. Untitled 1 6/25/2013
10. Everyday Life 4/30/2013
11. To The Heartbraker, Whom I'D Give My Heart To Again And Again 4/30/2013
12. Poetry 4/30/2013
13. Valentine's Day 2/12/2013
14. Departure 1/26/2013

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Kicks may hurt, words may pain, there is nonetheless no agony as deep, as endless, as restless as that of thoughts, thoughts of a love alive, a love vibrant; which has from my sole willingly resigned.

A love not dead, no. For life is not as stunning as poets wish and sadness is beyond the cures that exist, and love, true love makes a lover die more than he lives

Nights after nights, starlights after days of incredible darkness, unbearable silence, sheer notingness and deep, deep, hard, violent emptiness; which I can no longer lift without the total power of your love that now, ...

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