Aglia Nost

Aglia Nost Poems

1. My Best Friend 1/20/2013
2. Departure 1/26/2013
3. The Thought Of Your Loss Is Too Heavy A Grief 1/28/2013
4. I Wonder 1/29/2013
5. Valentine's Day 2/12/2013
6. Why I Love You 2/25/2013
7. To The Most Delightful Mystery 2/27/2013
8. Adieu 2/28/2013
9. Everyday 5/27/2013
10. Ode To Silence 6/24/2013
11. Untitled 1 6/25/2013
12. Everyday Life 4/30/2013
13. To The Heartbraker, Whom I'D Give My Heart To Again And Again 4/30/2013
14. Poetry 4/30/2013

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To poetry I owe everything, I owe all that life and love, together haven't given me.

I owe it your adventurous descriptions of highness and standards, those boring words, those so-called stanzas.

It's my hope, my thoughts and the only place that any good I might have stolen from this world of mean might come back for me.

Poetry fills all the odd gaps of uncertainty, mystery and unfair between two separate columns of a chapter that couldn't fit in any other books, pages or gaps. Why must we both be two columns and one unity?

Feel sorry for what you are, for your ...

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