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When Flower is red as heart is red
Fire as warm as and hotter than the sun afar
I felt deep and deep
How red it was

Do you think of me when you leaved?
When you packed all the joy I had with you for a little time.
Do you think of me?
When you moved away that early morning.

I want to hug the old flame tight
To burn me bit by bit and lay with ashes
Gray and gay
Merrily watching the old flame soar the evenin’ star

I Trust my blossoming heart
I understand why I am blue and red around the bushes
Of the earth.


If you look at the children playing in the sea?
Do you smile or recall a happy moment in your life..
Precious times gone quickly
like the sand that loose entirely from our hand.

Paint me with words my little love
Paint the Azure look from your eyes
Blue and Bluer you paint until it catches my own feet

In November, my heart been in bloom as the roses in spring
I knew he felt the same way, I do
No need to pretend we know it both
As waves throw the pebbles of the shore

I will be your sky
I will hold your day and let the sun kiss your cheeks and blonde hair

I will hold your night and let the moon lighten up your darkest hour

Naglalakad ako papuntang strawberry farm
Isang magtataho nagwika: Taho niyo riyan' natikman na ni Coco Martin!
Ha ha, nangingiti ako habang nalagpasan ko ung mama.

Am I cursed to have eyes that see?
Where the world deceived me that I'm not blind.
One day had poked me that I cannot see
Worse than a blind man who has light of direction.

Baby when you were young
The world seems so young and wild wild free
You see a paradise of sky; you believe we could easily reach to
You see so much beauty about life

Sweet Ground of my childhood memoir
I dwelled for so many years
And as mum carried me to her breast
Her hum made the afternoon asleep

Nobody knows what made me like you

Let me say I love you
No one understand what made me
Love you

I saw how lovely those twined hair as winds carried it in the air
As birds chirped, the early morning
Your smile hook me from the ground
And all my thought is a singing chime

They say I'm cute, nice, caring, and open-minded
They never see me upset to them even once in a blue moon
They say I'm simple and traditional
Which we ain't love parties and discotheque

I could ain't turn my eyes on you
I knew those eyes, made me see you through
Nothing can stop you now
Cause you would not let go

There are times sunny would not always shine
And the breeze hammers my tan skinned tone
Why not love thee ablaze a fire so sweet and warm?
Like the poppies of burning passion in daylight!

Sometimes I think about the love I lose
Maybe we aren't meant to be
Sometimes I think that love comes and go
But love might be somewhere out there

A Gem on the shore

Where thou find gem on the shore?
A smile so pure like gold

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It just happen that I love to penned my thoughts for poetry. I don't know much about what poem should be? but I write what should I want my poem be, coined with simple words I know. My poems are just an expression of my heart and mind, It is almost lyrical and I wanted to do songwriting.)

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When Flower

When Flower is red as heart is red
Fire as warm as and hotter than the sun afar
I felt deep and deep
How red it was
A blood, A heart
that we all had.

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Agnes Quirante Popularity

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