Ahmed Fouad Negm Poems

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Who Are They And Who Are We?

Who are they and who are we?
They are the princes and the Sultans

If The Sun Drowns

If the sun drowns in a sea of clouds
And extends a wave of darkness onto the world
And vision dies in the eyes of the vigilant

The Hummingbird's Prayer

In your marvel, the heavens orbit
The years are long
But how cautious are you!
You that attach the soul to life


O Alexandria
Your sea is full of wonders
If only I could be loved...by you? ?
I'm thrown by a wave

What's Wrong With Our President?

I never fret, and will always say
A word, for which, I am responsible

On Your Seventy Something Birthday

Mister President
On your seventy something birthday
Happy Birthday


Forbidden from travel
Forbidden from singing
Forbidden from speaking
Forbidden from longing

The Prison In The Castle

The devotees gathered in the castle's prison
The devotees gathered in Bab Al-Khalq
And the sun is a chant, rising from the prison cells
And Egypt is a chant, rising from the throat

A Prison's Ticket

Name: Saber[1]
Crime: Egyptian
Age: The youngest of my generation
Despite my old, grey plaits

Morning Ascended

Morning has ascended, with its entire splendor in ascent
The light dazzled the kohl in our eyes by its charm
And the bird warbled to the lord almighty