Aiyanna Ortiz

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Aiyanna Ortiz Poems

1. Memories 3/27/2009
2. No One Dreams Anyway 3/27/2009
3. Fall On Your Ass 3/27/2009
4. Treats 3/27/2009
5. Kiss Me 3/27/2009
6. Relize 3/28/2009
7. Love Vs. Reality 3/28/2009
8. Baby Green Eyes 3/28/2009
9. Karma 3/28/2009
10. No Turning Back 3/28/2009
11. Hold Me Close 3/28/2009
12. Emptyness 3/28/2009
13. Someone's 3/28/2009
14. The Rain 3/28/2009
15. Is This A Broken Heart? 3/28/2009
16. Forget 3/28/2009
17. Your Name 3/28/2009
18. Lonely Days 3/28/2009
19. Memories Are Comeing Back.. 3/28/2009
20. Mask 3/28/2009
21. Broken 3/28/2009
22. Somthing About Him 3/28/2009
23. Feelings I Cant Explain 3/28/2009
24. Him 3/28/2009
25. Cant Save Them All 3/28/2009
26. Mind Reader 3/28/2009
27. Sunrise 3/28/2009
28. Crash And Burned 5/22/2009
29. My Heart Bleeds For You 5/22/2009
30. Lovers End 3/27/2009
31. Power She Holds 3/27/2009
32. Eyes And Ears 3/27/2009
33. When They Arrive 3/27/2009
34. Path To My Soul 3/27/2009
35. My Angel 3/27/2009
36. Look At Us 3/27/2009
37. Neverending Story 3/27/2009
38. Outerspace 3/27/2009
39. Unwanted 3/27/2009
40. Crazy Angel 3/27/2009

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Best Poem of Aiyanna Ortiz

As I Dance

As i dance the world in nothing but
a burr of color
when i dance i'm in total bliss
while i dance my mind only thinks of you
when we dance i feel the warmth feel my heart
butterflies dance in my stomach as we dance
twirl around and round but when
we stop the feeling don't
as i look at your face everyday
i see the world as a blur of color
and you are my bliss
i want to dance with you the rest
of my life

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Path To My Soul

The path to my soul is not threw my stomach
if you look closely into my eyes you still wouldn't know anything about me
the start is to read my thoughts and the way i think
evil dwells inside of me grim views of the world
just sit inside my mind waiting to come out
while your running your mouth on the phone I've all ready thought
of ten ways to kill you and not be traced
grim view of life is what makes me emotionless
you may think it will hurt my feelings about something

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