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I work as an IT professional and write poem when free from work. I am hurt by the society and its way of always proving it right.

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what is education?
all say its for da welfare of nation.
dey say it makes ur lyf beautiful,
and also responsible and dutiful.

but i donot think so,
bcoz it teaches us 2 b each others foe.
it teaches us our life will b a mess,
if we donot win the race.

i think it is modern worlds fashion,
and brings us lot of tension.
i dont find in anyone educations passion feel,
but da sence of a daily meal.

from childhood we r sed to defeat our own frnd,
bcoz dey say it is 2days trend.
dis sows da hatrednesses seed,
without any of its need.

what i think is dis is da reason y,
if u listen to the advice of my...
is the reason for world wide war.
but da world says i think too far.........

but pleasse think on it dear,
without any fear...
and join me sayin da world 'life is not a race,
but it is fun to enjoy and also defeat to sometimes face'.............: '(

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