Akash Ankur Poems

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My God Is Great

My great God is paralyzed today,
As much as my fingernails touch your body-
Today it is a deep wound in my heart.
All over the bloody heart today are just dead memories, on the veranda on the tenth floor of your hostel.

'The Distance'

The distance to touch you, same as the age of earth.
Passing thunder-strom;
Breaking the walls of cloudy sky
I could not touch you.

House And Crematorium

The house is like a burning crematorium.
Hell is helpless here.
All homes are not heaven.
History tells the story here.

The Story Of The Shalik Bird

One day God will become black and white from living beings,
God gave all his power to the statue in the museum.
Yet he could not become a Shalik.
Hence the statue is worshiped since then.

Naked Love

One day in love,
Believing in God, I gave him this little reminder of the twenty-first spring!
Covered in a wall of lakhs of rupees,
He showed me the dream.

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