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Akash Noatia (born on 29 January 2004) is an Musician or Influencer. He is Youngest Influencer and Actor in Tripura. He Started his music Carrier in 2021 on YouTube and all Music Streaming Platforms. Akash Noatia with the Sound Knowledge of Electronic Music, He Has his Hands in almost all Genre of Music.

He is presently a social influencer who ...

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1.Be Passionate.
If we build careers or continue in jobs that really aren't our passion, we're selling ourselves short. It's like the guy that is a tech consultant that really wanted to be the lead singer of a band. I've written about love and careers before and I think that the takeaway here is that if you really do what YOU want to do, you will be more creative, more motivated, more tuned-in, and much more likely to be very financially and personally prosperous. Katherine Hepburn said it best,

10 Tips To Become Success In Life

1.Set daily goals for yourself
2.Always take risks and chase success
3.Surround yourself with successful individuals
4.Focus on your goals and make your life goal-oriented

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19 September 2021

1. Do Different Things That Make You Smarter: The point of this list involves diversifying your day. Spend time on a variety of tasks. Spend 30 minutes on one task and move on to another. You not only stave off boredom, you also enable a critical resting period for your brain to recover. Your brain loves breaks. The main way to increase your intelligence involves flexing different areas of your brain. At a gym, you shift to different machines to give your body a full workout. Overworking muscle groups only leaves you strained and tired. Muscles increase their mass while in rest, and your brain works the same way. 2. Manage Your Time Wisely: Manage Your Time Wisely: Make a list of priorities and go through them one by one in order In the online age, it's easy to get distracted. You just wanted to check your email and suddenly you're four pages deep on a "Breaking Bad" forum - then you re-watch the final season. Time well spent. Don't let your online wanderings get the better of you. Make a list of your priorities. Tackle them in order of importance. Put time into your projects but when you hit a brick wall, don't get out the hammer. Instead, relax and take a break. 3. Read a Little Every Day: Does reading make you smarter? Yes, regardless of content, reading increases your intelligence. A paper by Anne E. Cunningham claims that children who read turn into smart adults. Interestingly, Cunningham suggests that the actual reading material plays little role in the result. Instead, the act of reading produces increased intelligence. Of course, as an adult, you benefit more by absorbing interesting or challenging material. Pushing yourself to digest harder texts puts a healthy strain on your mind. Books covering topical or socially relevant subjects force you to think critically. 4. Review Learned Information: Once you learn a piece of information, review it. You can't learn if you don't remember. Memory functions through repetition. When you repeat a fact, you set the wheels of memory in motion again. Repetitive Learning: Memory works through repetition, when you repeat a fact you will hold on to it more easily. The process of cumulatively reviewing information helps your knowledge to stick. Experiences linger on the outer cortex of the brain before transforming into memories housed in the hippocampus. 4. Get Regular Exercise: Guys grunting at the gym don't usually look like Einstein, but daily exercise actually makes you smarter. Including 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise in your daily routine will enhance your mental clarity and intelligence. An old Roman saying goes "healthy mind, healthy body." Put on a mind-bending science podcast and start working that elliptical. Feel free to grunt. 5. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument: Picking up an instrument will not only impress your friends, it will make you smarter. When you play an instrument, you employ a vast area of your brain at once. Consider the senses. You use your visual, auditory, and physical capacities all while playing an instrument. Your experience of playing music uses tons of cognitive processes simultaneously, for instance:

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