Akhil H Kumar Poems

Hit Title Date Added
02 Night Sky

A sky in night is a mixture
of happiness and sorrows.
We feel its texture
as our debt and borrows

01 Sleeping Beauty

Little bunny, sleeps day 'n' night
In her bed with her doll.
Whether dark or bright
She would be in dreaming role.

07 Candle

Candle I’m
Dying for living creature
Give for them, light of calm
The light of my life

03 Lovely Love

We cry in pain
We laugh in fun
neither cry nor laugh in love
It's LOVE! ! ! !

04 Christ On Bet

Difficulties, day scholars face
that no one tries to solve
Its heaviness of bags
that pains their heart and strength

05 Grin

Smile! Smile! Smile!
as it makes every friendship cute
with a smiling heart

06 Everlasting Roles Of Moon

Moon is on sky
and in lake
where water flows calm.
Pale yellow moon