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I just await for you
Things have changed in unclue..!
Thats the thing that were meant
Your voice was my enchant!

Eternity was a blessing.
But still there's signs of it being minimising.
Down here we had come to persih..
Cause there's a Beyond.

With all of a hatred.
Incremented by bountiful.
A dark embrace switched around.
With all of choices turned into chances.

And this reflection just swayed away!
Those times we had just betrayed away.
Now is it just a sail away.?
Less is now I know.

It's just another night.
With a glimpse of all darkness.
The moon is set along with stars.
It's just the way it shines,

Souls wonder around,
On this one piece of a world!
Souls are good.?
Oops there are bad too!

Uncozy nights, some hard fought days
A flashback when you used to wait up by the bay
Things are now pretty clear,
Am on a loosing verge of fear

On my way, crawling past the graveyard!
As I pass through it, I dig my memories
In the heaviest coffins burying them deep.
I am taking a fall, without worrying

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The Battlefield

The battlefield is ready!
The miles at bastaion are steady..
Either need the courage to win',
But all they are doing is greater than a sin.

Both want their homeland to be Magnus!
All has a threat to man'
But then too theres a war...
Thats just put humanity into mar..!

This is some kind of freaking war!
That the humans have waited for?
The humans have never assured..
For anything they had cared for.

Humans reaching onto peaking glory!
All done by hurrys and furrys..
The end will be a doomed blood!
The death of human race will be in like a flood.

The humans have not enough..
To purify the soul of humanity!
Though there must be some eternity..?
That too isnt a certainity..

Though the brave have a victory!
The humans race is going on deductory..:
All this aggression regarding this wield!
My fellas it all started because of the Battlefield..

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All these past years that one thing I feared the most was making stories and when am finally turning 18 my life is becoming one.

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Akshansh Poonam Pandey Popularity

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