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The Best Way

Every body is just afraid.
Saying that this is so weird.
With this book we are going to be ruled.
And with the words of a man who can't read

The Most Merciful

Now I admit that you are the most merciful
And I admit that you always take care of me
And I regret for not remembering you at all
And I regret for not using my eyes to see

Who Is Behind That?

Nothing is forcing her to wake up early
To feed, to read and treat them nicely

Few Words To Say

In a dark room sounds were heard
Sounds of pain and tears were dropped
Then few words were slowly said
Suddenly the sun had joyfully appeared

The Happy Land

Sometimes we feel that the world is so tight
Nowhere to go……. no place to run or hide

No enough air to breathe and not too little to die

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