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Abah Lawrence 18 August 2012

Its a nicepiece.beautifully outlined

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Amit Kumar 24 June 2012

Your poems are really nice

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The Best Poem Of Alafe Ramat

Trying To Dream Again

A journey through countless hems of lights, for a thousand years have passed........finally awake under the gaze of a sky so bright..., for a strange new world i sought..., Or do you have one last magic spell that can work? For i still have a stack of believe in that fiery shield you wore....., Tears of the noon spinning jewels off the sun, For it is an empty world without those pleasing yarns,.... Diamond burstling from the cumulus cloud,. For it was raining gems down the earth pond,...... Angels wings swooshing so near, smiling unto a land so dear,. For there lay an innocence ever so rare,.... Once, there lay a paradice in this secret place,. For i am been pulled far across a space........ Bellowing the grey streaks of the dawn, for the first ray of the sun ran past me down....... Aye! Snuggled behind the covers i lay,.....trying to dream again., sliding back into slumber,.trying to find that dream again,..... For a dream full of colour and motion is a voyage through million galaxies! ...

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Alafe Ramat Popularity

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