Alan Michael DeCara Poems

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Jasmine Flower

A flower so appealing to the
senses and eyes.
Fragrance so sweet, beautiful,
upon the air it lies.

What Are You To Me?

To show you that I love you is to make
a mistake.
To tell you what you mean to me, Girl
is to give you the world.

Music Divine

The sounds in the Highest Place
Sing only of glory and infinite grace.
Listen to these purest of voices,
As every angel in Heaven rejoices.

Throw Away Your Life

Throw away your life, and walk the path forward;
Try to live it out, and fall paces backward.
Desire nothing more than you can produce on your own
Because reaching higher expectations isn't set in stone.

Hiding From Me

Bring into light what I cannot see,
this service you have brought unto me.

Show me yourself as you are true,

This Angel Of Mine

Your beauty, I do behold
My heart hath, then, grown cold.
My eyes hold your light
You are an angel, so bright.