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I dreamed
You came to me at night
Weak with desire
I waited

Names carved into stone tell an ancient tale
Of days long past and youthful dreams that pale
With wounds endured and crafted in travail

Let us pretend

Like children

A heart of sorrow
Which cannot be repaired
Lost in life's silent ache
Burns holes in my memory.

A crown of honour

Bleeding submission

I waited for your call
From the edge of recollection
The warehouse of my heart
Into a chamber of desolation.

Strike the iron and split creations seed,
with force and power that divides, build the
ship that will herald the breath of promise.

You shout at me
But I am not listening

Surrounded by noise

Old arguments fill my head

Things I want to say

You float around my mind
You invade my slumber
You run through my veins
You live in my heart

The oil of your word
Drips through my hands, anointing me
Your sweet aroma
Floods through my senses, filling me

A bitter pill given takes away my breath
Inherited nature leads me to my death
Every moment lived drives me to my fate.

Intense the intoxication of my heart

As heavens spirit flows through every part

Sip the wine as it kisses my lips, that
dance of delight which entices my heart,
drunk on the feelings of unrestrained joy

Kiss the badge
This is my team
My allegiance
My dream

To make it right



Awaken my mind to the spirit
Aware of Christ's life on the inside
Not just my thoughts

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I dreamed
You came to me at night
Weak with desire
I waited
You have stolen my heart.

I dreamed
You were knocking at the door
Called me to unlock it
Reaching out
But you had disappeared.

I dreamed
I searched the town for you
Looked on every street
Found You
Held you
Would not let you go.

I dreamed
You finally claimed me
Called me your own
Saved me
Forgave me
Loved me unconditionally.

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Alan Paul Stevens Popularity

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