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A storm-tossed night
and this morning
I helped you shift the bed.


I love the story
Zelda Fitzgerald
at a wild

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Alan Perry is a poet, painter and short-story writer. His documentary play about homelessness in Swansea was directed in Cardiff by film maker Karl Francis. He has currently been exhibiting in the Welsh Drawing Biennale and in his one-man show at Swansea's Exposure Gallery. His latest 2 books 'Dreaming from North to South: New and Selected Poems' and 'Days of the Comet: New and Selected Stories'can both be obtained on Amazon More of his work can be seen on his website:; on Saatchi online; on (under the username of alunperry; on (under the username of PERRY Alan) and on many other sites, all of which can be accessed through Google.His poems have been broadcast on CBC's (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 'Poetry Now'and 'Arts canada' programmes and on various BBC radio and television programmes.A half hour filmed interview with Alan Perry recently appeared on Mauritian television, in which he discussed his written and visual work with Serge Riviere.)

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New Directions

A storm-tossed night
and this morning
I helped you shift the bed.

You wanted to view
new latitudes: the far
peninsula, the lighthouse light.

So tonight
our pillows will have
fresh points of reference:

no frenzied tree
no harbour mouth
no rooftops like causeways
down to the deep

Crossing new bars
on our raft of sleep
we will dream
from north to south

and though our ship be holed
our canvas lost
Love take its bearings
from new sets of stars

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Alan Perry Popularity

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