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What is this feeling?
This burning passion
This heart is yearning for your affection.

While the stars that shine
On this dark blue sky.
Thinking all of the times
As the wind hits the chimes.

Standing there by the lakeside,
Watching herons as a guide
To things that haven’t been tried,
They fly around each other’s side.

Towering skyscrapers
And boats cruising through the rivers
Paint up a wonderful scene.

Life is nothing of any sort.
No word can describe its full worth.
You can't count with one, two, and three.
It is priceless, and never free.

After a terrible event from a storm,
Hope came in the most colorful form.
An arc setting a bridge to the site of joy,
Brings hope to all people as God’s envoy.

In a dark cage full of sorrow and solitude,
He just lied down as others judged his attitude.
Those eyes seemed to help out but only misunderstood.
Word uttered by tongues that’s confoundedly rude.

I will remember all the things.
Back from when we started.
‘Till the time we’ll be separating
‘Till everything will have ended.

It keeps on going up and down,
Then it goes around and around.
Whatever will be happening,
It will be a happy ending.

Each sleepless night
He’ll be alright
Just to wait and see her light.

The bright full moon is nothing without the sun.
The sun that gives light to everyone,
For its light helps the moon brighten the night,
And brings up a wonderful sight.

While one looks at the twinkling stars
And lay down on the monkeybars.
One cannot help but stop and freeze
And feel the blissful Christmas breeze.

Close your eyes.
Soar up high.
Feel the vast, cloudy skies.

When you sit in quiescence by the windowsill,
The sky sheds tears of joy for your beautiful face.
The wind starts to embrace you to a gentle chill
Assuring to bask you in such a serene grace.

These monochromatic masterpieces grant joy.
It's such a beauty but it doesn't give one cloy.
All men and women lay their eyes to see its worth.
It's as if it brings life and reality forth.

Played without knowing the cards on his hand,
The game of destiny seems difficult.
It sometimes feels like counting grains of sand,
As many feelings concealed always felt.

Up in the attic,
Lies memories
Long forgotten
Through the times.

Open up your eyes, you are not blind.
HE will show you what you must do.
What’s right or wrong is in your mind.
If you seek truth, it also seeks you.

They say all’s fair in love and war
But what knight knows not of chivalry?
For love is what gives him the strength
To protect his dame and country

Oh! Spare my dignity
From this endless agony
By just one hit
My manhood falls bit by bit

The Best Poem Of Alaude Solus

Our Love

What is this feeling?
This burning passion
This heart is yearning for your affection.

I want to know
And understand
This feeling that is so grand.

Like a bird;
Wings widely spread
Having the time of being freed

Although it hurts
I will stand still
‘Cause this is both our will.

Yearning for joy
And sweet harmony
On a place with only you and me.

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Hazellene Chua 06 February 2011

nice nice.... really really like ur poems: D

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