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love is a great
love is special
love is a commitment

Theres a difference between you
and those other girls

Your not a wanna be perfect

love i have
love u have
love is somewhere in our hearts
u hav the key


You make me laugh
You make me do stupid things
like makin me love you...

i try to stop loving you
but you just make it harder for me

i cry because of you

where has the sun gone?
it has disappeared behind the clouds,
aswell as my my heart...

the way i feel for you is unexplainable
i have never felt this way for one person
the hard reality is that i have to go to bed at night
knowing that we will never be together...

what more can i say?
what more can i show you?
what more can i do to possibly
show you how how i feel for you?

just because im diffferent doesn't neccesarly
mean you have to treat me any different...

i can't be myself

i feel so sad
but dont kno why?

is it because of the people who judge me?

her smile
it was when i got butterflies in my stomach
when time just Seemed to stop
my heart started beatin faster and faster

yes i loved you
yes i love you
yes i still and always will

its one thing to say i love you but actually meaning it is a different strory when i said i loved you i meant every last word no i dont regret it and never will because loving you is a once in a lifetime thing crushing on someone is easy likeing someone is just as easy but falling in love with someone is hard a crush is someone you find attractive like is more than just a physical attraction its also personality but loving someone is not being afraid to say i love you and meaning ever last breath, wanting someone and so afraid of loosing them now thats what i call love... but there is no actual definition for love, we all have our own perspectives of love but my definition of love is PX!

that was a lot of me in there a lot of my truth a lot of my life
i cant help but cry

my emotional heart ache is agonising

just the thought of you leaving my life
brings tears against my eyes...

as death stares us in the face
we stand confident and fearless!

because nothing will scare us away

the sweet memory of you so
soft and calm

it just makes you pounder for

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Love Is....

love is a great
love is special
love is a commitment

love is crazy
love is right
love is a feeling
love is powerful

love is devestating
love is easy to break
love is undescribeable

love is what u find
love is what u can lose

love is what i have
love is how i feel for u
love is what i show u
love is what i give u


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