Albert Oktovianus Poems

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Red Moon

Look up
Look in the sky
Tonight just look up
Look up way in the sky

Tell Me It’s Not Too Late

From the very first dawn I met u...
I never truly understand what u meant for me....
I just know that I like to see u smile…
Even though that smile is not for me…

Tangled In Life

Some man I am
Looking sharp, acting sharp
Too sharp maybe

Don'T Stop

Watch me people
As I walk to the valley of fear
Blazing like mad man on fire
Burning everything in my path

Ordinary Human

I don’t have a ring to rule them all
But a thirst for leadership still I have

I don’t have a dragon to ride on

A Thousand Deaths

Never know how to live right
Never know how to live proper

Try to walk along the dim lights

Lost In Time

Not so long ago
I can feel the trembles in my hands when I touch you
Not so long ago
I can fell from the weakness in my knees when you look deep inside of me

Green Matter

Hop in partner
Let’s take on the brave new world
Join in partner
Let’s make a way through this dusty road

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