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Aldo Rino Smiloveux Bell Poems

1. Sunny Valdres '09 8/11/2009
2. Ja Ne 8/11/2009
3. Always The Distance 8/28/2009
4. Kin’ai Wa Itami 9/7/2009
5. The Eternal Battle 9/14/2009
6. Megami 9/16/2009
7. Shin-Zen Shiki 9/30/2009
8. Givin' In, Gettin' Out. 10/7/2009
9. Tartare, Anyone? 10/20/2009
10. Concert 9/20 11/13/2009
11. Yoi Yume O, So-Mi 12/4/2009
12. Wait A Moment 1/18/2010
13. Bright Future Ahead 1/21/2010
14. Crossroad 2/1/2010
15. Pink Wasabi Peas 2/1/2010
16. Destiny, Darling 2/3/2010
17. Regarding Your Wedding, Baby 2/16/2010
18. Valdres, Osaka, Wherever. 5/5/2010
19. Hero 7/9/2010
20. Osaka 3/10/2011
21. Noko (The Immortal Beloved) 9/29/2012
22. A Silly Poem Inspired By Your ”poeme” 3/10/2011
23. The Heart Of The Hatsukoi 10/30/2009
24. Last Hope Passing 11/6/2009

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Best Poem of Aldo Rino Smiloveux Bell

Last Hope Passing

You’re the Last Station.
But I’m not permitted
to enter.
Instead, Another Guy
jumps onto the platform,
smiling as his feet hit the ground.
And why not? He’s Home!
Where his heart lies.

And his heart doesn’t lie.
Hearts never do.
(or seldom, at least)

The train moves on.

'Next is Nothingness.'

'Ooops...did I say Nothing?
Of course not;
I meant Pain.
Next is Pain.'

And Pain
is Last.

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Kin’ai Wa Itami

There is no button
to turn on Love.
There is no button
to turn it Off.

When it comes
it can be like Heaven.
When it comes
it can be like Hell.

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