Alec de Candole Poems

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O Sleep, Sweet Sleep

O Sleep, sweet sleep, come over me.
And waft me to the land of dreams.
Where everywhere flow copious streams

I Have Not Lived In Vain

I have not lived in vain, if one of men,
Who trod the earth and breathed the air with me,
Have felt the touch of man's divinity

In That Rough Barn We Knelt

In that rough barn we knelt, and took and ate
Simply together there the bread divine.
The body of God made flesh, and drank in wine

Not Once, But Often

Not once, but often, Truth has been rewarded
With fiercest hatred, foulest calumny,
While Vice has reigned supreme, by men belauded,

O God, For Truth

O God, for Truth, or some faint glimpse of Truth,
To smite through mists of night, and pierce the sense,
And drive away the dreary vast offence

The Old, The Bitter, Everlasting Why

— THE old, the bitter, everlasting Why,
That rises ever to the throne of God,
His human creatures' wail. And some have cursed

And If A Bullet

And if a bullet in the midst of strife
Should still the pulse of this unquiet life
Twere well: be death an everlasting rest,

As One That Stands

As one that stands upon the beetling sheer
Of some dread precipice, when midmost night
With whelming dark has hidden from his sight

As One Who Wanders

As one who wanders on a desert plain.
An arid waste of dead sterility,
Then finds a green oasis suddenly.

Changeful With Glow And Chequered Shade

Changeful with glow and chequered shade, a sight
Now gloom'd with grief, and now with joy elate,
How strange, how sweet, is life, how poised our ...

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