Alec de Candole

(1897-1918 / England)

Alec de Candole Poems

1. The Old, The Bitter, Everlasting Why 9/25/2010
2. And If A Bullet 9/25/2010
3. As One That Stands 9/25/2010
4. As One Who Wanders 9/25/2010
5. Changeful With Glow And Chequered Shade 9/25/2010
6. For Them, The Bitterness Of Death Is Past 9/25/2010
7. Hast Thou Beheld A Night 9/25/2010
8. Here's To The Glory Of Life 9/25/2010
9. The Soil Of The Land Is Holy 9/25/2010
10. The Sunset Clouds 9/25/2010
11. The Truth Of God Is Known 9/25/2010
12. The Wind That Blustered 9/25/2010
13. We Gaze Upon The Apple-Flower 9/25/2010
14. Christmas, 1917 9/25/2010
15. England 9/25/2010
16. Friendship 9/25/2010
17. Heredity 9/25/2010
18. In Cruce Regnans 9/25/2010
19. In Memoriam 9/25/2010
20. Lincoln Minister 9/25/2010
21. Nightfall 9/25/2010
22. On A Picture In Rome 9/25/2010
23. On A Sonnet Of Rupert Brooke 9/25/2010
24. Proficiscienti 9/25/2010
25. Salisbury Cathedral 9/25/2010
26. Sunset 9/25/2010
27. The Burial Of Arthur 9/25/2010
28. The Poets 9/25/2010
29. Time 9/25/2010
30. Uti Conviva Satur 9/25/2010
31. Weariness 9/25/2010
32. When The Long Last Trek Is Over 9/25/2010
33. In That Rough Barn We Knelt 9/25/2010
34. Not Once, But Often 9/25/2010
35. O God, For Truth 9/25/2010
36. I Have Not Lived In Vain 9/25/2010
37. Laudabunt Alii 9/25/2010
38. O Sleep, Sweet Sleep 9/25/2010
39. The Breath Of God 9/25/2010

Comments about Alec de Candole

  • Robin Clay (11/14/2018 3:49:00 PM)

    Alec was my father-in-Law's first cousin.

    He wrote at least 85 poems, and other works. The poems on here are NOT in chronological order. No.26 was his last - he was killed the following day, aged 21

    All his works (those known to me) are at http: //

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Best Poem of Alec de Candole

The Breath Of God

The breath of God, a wind from heaven's throne,
Like friendship's sweetness, and like pain's sharp strength,
Outstretching mightily to memory's length —
The free and wind-swept Marlborough Downs, my own.

Ah, Marlborough, Martinsell, and Granham Hill !
To see below the little town outspread,
Standing beside the old White Horse's head.
That 'pads and pads,' unmoved and silent still.

The twin grey towers, a double sentinel,
The Chapel spire, the Mound, the Wilderness,
The bridge, and Rennet's silver sluggishness, —
Ah, Marlborough, Granham Hill, ...

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And If A Bullet

And if a bullet in the midst of strife
Should still the pulse of this unquiet life
Twere well: be death an everlasting rest,
I oft could yearn for it, by cares opprest ;
And be 't a night that brings another day,
I still could go rejoicing on my way,
Desiring in no phantom heav'n to dwell.
Nor scared with terror of any phantom hell.
But gazing now I find not death a curse

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