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The ship, it sinks
And to my loss
A cable grabs my leg

And they kill.

The first dog's
face looms as

There's a pleasure watching ink dry
Just that moment when, if you touch,
The words blot on the page
And the feeling behind the words

There are a few prohibitions
But only one commandment:

Remember you are an intelligent being.

Red claws
Cover pink

In bonnets of blue
With red brushes,
Drips of indian yellows
Invite the ant and bee
... to the gods
metal towers
aloft tapered mountains

While surveying a distant shore
I came across some marble steps

From at their base I gazed upon

Do they sit when they call

Some get chased from the wind's shadow
To the shaking leaf

…and I’ve come to
my collection
Stepping through a

'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy' - a manic depressant

They had never been seen under heaven before and that is why they are named, in rough translation, the 'the visiting ones' in many local dialects

When the snows first fell, the ice clung to the bell
and whiteness fell over the bay.
That day was the last that the seasons would pass;
the choirs of fish drove astray.


'...qu'une terre polaire'

The frost wears the sun
Which slides further each day,


To sit on the roof tops
and observe the tiles

In the low lamp glows of

Grasping a tree
Her arms stretched back
Her skin grey as the tree
Her eyes wide and dark

When the trees even
Through the cold
Grow large and stay green


'Besos que vienen riendo,
luego llorando se van,
y en ellos se va la vida...'

“…he whose intense thinking
thus makes him a Prometheus;
a vulture
feeds upon that heart for ever;

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Texas Highways and the Genocide of the Wolf, began as reflections and poems inspired by the Bastrop fires and Hurricane Harvey. It evolved with the Castizo narrator's emotional states from desperate heartbreak to exhilaration all while driving across the state's majestic landscapes on its imperial highways. In total there are 56 Texan sonnets in free verse that vary from whimsical questions to lyrical song verses, and an epic poem about the legends of the Texas wolf families. You can read early versions of many of them here on poemhunter, but the full ebook is available now on amazon! https: //

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Whale Of A Tale

The ship, it sinks
And to my loss
A cable grabs my leg

I take a breath
And see the sailors
Scream bubbles in despair

And as the last light ripples
A whale comes
And drifts

The whale gives a strong
But melancholy song
And I see her eat
Each thing that peeps
Bubbles, feet and all

She grabs the anchors
Of the ship
And with me
Starts to fall

In the blackest of her eye
She tells a tale:

The whale wanders
From shoal to pole
Skirting her calfling along
With the tip of her fin
She smiles at him
And lifts whenever he falls

But the story she tells
Is of flight
And of fear...

They chase and she turns
From the ice to the deep
But she knows they are fast
At fin

They chase and she turns
But soon after she learns
That the calfling will drown
In the deep

She lifts as she can
But with only a fin
She cannot hug
Or defend

So instead she
Presents to the sky
Her young lamb
And soon after
The feast begins

I fear of a world
That scares mothers
But I have only
The time to cry:

Woe...To the red..In the deep...Of the sea
To mothers, your young ones may die.

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