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Is it My fault?
Did i truly screw up?
Did i do it alone?
Im not perfect

Help her please
her wrists are bleeding
Dont let her bleed

Hes been waiting for an hour
He goes upstairs
The bedroom door is locked
He knocks many times

Im tired of lying to myself
I know i cant be loved
I want to have a guy
That will be honest

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well im a 16 year old girl. I am currently a lost mind. I have been writing poems since my father died 4 years ago. I write alot of suicidal poems because he had done that. I am very outgoing and my passion for writing in unberrable. I am just looking for a life that i can be safe in. I dont get along with my mom. I dont live with her anymore. I wont go back to her. well you can message me if you would like.)

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Im Sorry Mom

Is it My fault?
Did i truly screw up?
Did i do it alone?
Im not perfect
I wont be
Im tired of you
you dont help me
I wanted a mom
that would care
I guess thats to much to ask
you can send cards
But you cant call
is it my fault?
How can i live?
Knowing you gave up
Knowing there is no relationship
I want my mom
you dont understand
you never did
but you choose not to listen
here igo
im moving on
i needed you
but im not having anymore hope for us
my heart is locked up
but im letting go now
Im sorry mom
im going to live my life
i dont want the pain anymore
Im scared on the inside
so are you
I will always be your daughter
I know you wish you could call me your daughter
im sorry
I love you
No more put downs

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Alesha Garrett Popularity

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