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As yet another day goes by,
I still have this empty space.
In my mind I had the sky,
You came in and took it's place.

I sit and watch as all days pass,
getting closer yet to your touch.
I found such a gorgeous lass,
whom I love so incredibly much.

I think about you,
need you and want you.
You seem so perfect,
how could you be true?

Corresponding magnetic hearts,
Pulling us together no matter the distance,
Fragile shells of longing spirits,
Haunting each other's minds.

Me and my hopelessness,
walk a road of loneliness,
my heart is broken and my tears are shed,
I might as well be gone and dead.

I can't stop longing,
longing for your touch.
I didn't want to tell you,
but I love you so much.

Oh baby baby,
I crave you and need you,
just want to and need to,
stay with you, just us two.

We're separate,
and desperate,
we want to get up close.
Every day,

These last few days,
have in many ways,
topped my expectations.
But they're just the start,

Time has passed slowly,
ever since I met you.
When me holding you,
is all I want to do.

Hours seem like days,
When I try to reach you.
My heart pounding hard,
As I try to get through.

I may not be the best,
but I'm not the worst.
I wanted just a taste,
but now it hurts.

This little shell,
Of a being I am.
Intoxicating smell,
I'm already damned.

When does it end,
When does it stop.
A matter of time,
Before I give up.

I'm a lonely guy,
never figured out why.
Why did it have to be me,
this is how it's gonna be?

The world is a dark place,
the child in the corner is you,
go out and make room and space,
cause love is comming through.

My heart aches from missing you,
this feeling of being lost.
Sitting around with nothing to do,
but for you I'll pay the cost.

I wake up at night,
And I sleep at day,
Might not seem right,
So here is what I say.

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I long wondered about what we're missing, what we actually think about or experience, but then as time passes you forget it.

So I write the most important things in my life, in poems.

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Empty Space (Love Poem)

As yet another day goes by,
I still have this empty space.
In my mind I had the sky,
You came in and took it's place.

I was dreaming of living,
Now I'm living the dream.
Your love is ever giving,
You and me, we are supreme.

I could never pass up,
This incredible chance.
Becoming a grown-up,
And living in romance.

I've told you how much I care,
My heart with yours will always sing.
This single soul that we share,
Means more to me than anything.

But when I'm in my bed,
And you I can not see.
I relax and close my eyes,
And see you lying next to me.

The empty space will only go,
Away when you are near.
When our bodies touch, then we know,
There's nothing more to fear.

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