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Hi I'm Alex. I was born in Mesa, AZ. I've been growing up in Phoenix, AZ since I was 5. This year I was on the Cheer Squad at Madison Meadows. I love singing and writing poems and songs.... I have many inspirations including Tony Oller, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Savannah Outen and sooooo many other stars! My best friends are super supportive for me ...

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Isaiah Ellis 10 July 2009

Hey Alex! ! ! Man...I have one thing to say about your poems and your songs, YOU ARE TALENTED! ! ! And you should audition 4 American Idol you would win for SURE! ! !

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August Thomas 31 May 2009

your poems are awesome as well as your songs! ! ! ! ! =)

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Geovanni Leaño 01 March 2008

Alex is a Friend... and also, she for me is every raindrops of my summer days... you can rarely find a person as beautiful as Alex... i like your poems Alex, keep writing! -GanNi

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Chocolate (Haiku)

Crunchy, Chewy, Brown
Heavenly sweetness taste
No more once eaten

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Alexandria Rios Popularity

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