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I wish, that when I pass I be remembered as the most loving girl on the Earth.
I wish, that when my parents fight
I could disappear in the dark.
I wish, that when that gun was fired

Sometimes, I wish I never left you
Sometimes, I wish I would've let you know
I really didn't mean to leave
And know, I miss you


BTW-My sister (Eryka) and I wrote this. I got some ideas from Cassie and her really weird poem. So here it is! ! !

Do you believe in God?
Let the heavens above

She prowls along the majestic forrests
She prances here and there
She moves with stealthily legs
And, creeps toward her prey


The question asked in order
To save her life or take it


People think that life's a blessing
Blessings are people who care
Not even my best of friends can bare
They hate me when I'm around

Just awesome
Oh so funny
Laughs histarically

Aaah oh…
There he is,
Standing there
As perfect as can be…

When ever I try to get along
Something goes wrong
I try to have a friend
In the end, I have none

Please come bacck to me
I miss you...
I can't sleep...

Music is my obsession
Writing is my soul
Poetry is my life...

Fairytales are supposed to have happy endings
We had everything in the world
Where did we go?

Whoa oh yea!
I look up,
Into the cloudy skies...
And, see your face

I never thought
After all this time
That I could feel this way....

This crystal girl,
Was a beautiful goddess
Sensitive, and light on her feet
She had a lot of friends


Always is


Bobby is
Bobby always

Alexandria Rios Biography

Hi I'm Alex. I was born in Mesa, AZ. I've been growing up in Phoenix, AZ since I was 5. This year I was on the Cheer Squad at Madison Meadows. I love singing and writing poems and songs.... I have many inspirations including Tony Oller, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Savannah Outen and sooooo many other stars! My best friends are super supportive for me and want me to live my dream (a song I wrote) to become a professional actress and singer! My poems and songs are about my life, and don't be afraid to ask questions or leave comments and rate! Thanks sooo much!)

The Best Poem Of Alexandria Rios

Chocolate (Haiku)

Crunchy, Chewy, Brown
Heavenly sweetness taste
No more once eaten

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Isaiah Ellis 10 July 2009

Hey Alex! ! ! Man...I have one thing to say about your poems and your songs, YOU ARE TALENTED! ! ! And you should audition 4 American Idol you would win for SURE! ! !

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August Thomas 31 May 2009

your poems are awesome as well as your songs! ! ! ! ! =)

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Geovanni Leaño 01 March 2008

Alex is a Friend... and also, she for me is every raindrops of my summer days... you can rarely find a person as beautiful as Alex... i like your poems Alex, keep writing! -GanNi

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