Alfred Barna

Alfred Barna Poems

1. Death 3/10/2013
2. Hidden Truths 3/16/2013
3. Home 3/16/2013
4. Staring At The Stars 3/17/2013
5. The Holocaust Museum 3/25/2013
6. Before I Knew The World 3/25/2013
7. Beware The Men 3/31/2013
8. Blinded We Are 3/31/2013
9. Doctoring 4/3/2013
10. Vampire's Esmerelda 3/8/2013
11. Cinema Noir 3/8/2013
12. The Old Apple Tree And Dad 3/8/2013
13. Sands Of Time 4/27/2013
14. You Are My Song 6/8/2013
15. Enemy Within 7/14/2013
16. I Just Need Some Water 7/16/2013
17. Hide And Seek (So People Forget) 7/18/2013
18. Laws Of Men 6/30/2013
19. Hope Into A Hole 1/27/2013
20. Wizard In Glass 1/28/2013
21. Wise Dumb 7/29/2013
22. Necropolis Technopolis 9/25/2013
23. Welcome My Son 9/30/2013
24. Megalomania Blues 10/16/2013
25. Open Up Your Heart 10/24/2013
26. This World Is Fire 11/7/2013
27. Access Denied 12/8/2013
28. The Monster 12/12/2013
29. Just Enough Time 1/7/2014
30. Desire To Break Free 1/16/2014
31. Turning Away 2/1/2014
32. As If You Had To Ask 2/2/2014
33. Truth Is The Light 3/7/2014
34. Just Hold The Line 3/30/2014
35. The Battle Between 4/3/2014
36. Blinding Light 4/3/2014
37. Heaven Waits For Us Like Home 4/20/2014
38. Perfection 4/22/2014
39. Give Me The Breeze And The Bees 5/16/2014
40. The Ties That Bind 5/30/2014

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Money, Money, Money, Money

I know I have the answers
I’m sure I have the cure
Immaculate cars, pretty dancers
That will thrill you right to the core
All your dreams will be fulfilled
And you’ll have friends, where you go
No matter how plain or unskilled
You will be the star of the show
It’ll take just a bit of money
Just like the sweetest drops of honey
Just a little bit of money
Money, money, money, money

You want some respect
You just like to feel revered
You want some loving aspect
You want to know that someone cared
You’ll find plenty of sycophants
Catering to ...

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Wizard In Glass

Encased in your tower, which no luxury can surpass
You manipulate your ant farm and you laugh
You control the real estate, currencies, oil and gas
You sit like Ramses and you tap down your staff
What kind of man places a bird in cages for him to sing?
Wondering why, they still sing on inside the throng
He thinks it is because of his power over everything
But the bird sings because he remembers freedom's song
The bird looks out from his prison, and chirps aloud

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