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I held her hand as tight as I could
Even though I knew it would not do much good
Her breath was shallow and weak
If only my eyes could speak

The words they would not come
They were stuck inside of me like prisoners of war
Deprived of daily senses stored in some dark dungeon
I wanted to speak but silence prevailed

I didn’t attend your funeral
I hated you that much
I did send roses
The thorns for you to touch

I keep telling myself
That things will change
New ideas will rise for us to rearrange
Chaos will bury itself in red tape

Love doesn’t live here anymore
It walked out and slammed the door
It packed it memories and faded photographs
It took its dreams, it took its laughs

Assisted by Anita Atina

No matter how hard I try
I'm stuck somewhere between nowhere and goodbye

All alone in the pouring rain
Carrying nothing with me except the pain
The pain you put into my heart
My heart will somehow make a new start

The quiet moon in its entire splendor
Sails across the starlit sky so tender
I hold you in my arms tonight
Everything feels so right

Maybe I look at life from a different angle
Maybe there are some knots that we don’t need to untangle
Maybe I look at the world from a different point of view
Maybe all lies are not false and all truths are not true

Imagine, if we could Let it Be
And walk down the Long and Winding Road
All We Need is Love to lighten the load
Yesterday we were Here, There, and Everywhere

Boston Massacre
It’s a crisp spring day
And thousands came to play
More came to watch and celebrate

Don’t treat me like a glass butterfly
So pretty and so fragile
I could be tough as nails
Melt your heart with a smile

As I walk down the lonely street
Knees get weak, can barely keep my feet
I see the fence, the gate, the porch
From where you gazed and lit my torch

The wind came to me
Hiding in the shadows
Like a dirt devil
With octopus arms

You are my Valentine
So lovely and divine

You are my Sunshine

To what courage do we fall
Lest we not hear our commander’s call

Fool nor folly, we must not judge

I miss you, the real you
The one that used to smile everyday
Where have you gone, I miss the dawn
The one that you brightened up everyway

This story is about a broken heart
I bet you've had one or two
When your heart is in a million pieces
You look at life with a different view

Sitting like a statue on the shelf
My heart aches for company
Tonight I met the woman of my dreams
But I was only sleeping


It’s been a restless two hours with no sleep in sight
Sleep is not what I do best at night
As I toss and turn, thoughts are scrambled in my head
Underneath my pillow, underneath my bed

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Living somewhere between fantasy and reality, in the state of confusion, in a little town this side of paradise, I call God's Little Acre. Passions beside this, Softball coach for 25 years, running, from what I don't know, but it keeps me fit. Traveling, next stop Peru.)

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A Mother's Love

I held her hand as tight as I could
Even though I knew it would not do much good
Her breath was shallow and weak
If only my eyes could speak
She would see I felt just as much pain
And the tears I’m trying to contain
I don’t want her to know
I’m having a real problem letting her go
That a piece of me was dying too
As another side of darkness was slipping through
Her pulse was dull, her color was lead
Her skin was clammy, as I wiped perspiration off her head
You could find adoration seeping through her pores
For a mother’s love opens many doors
An aura of unconditional love radiates from her face
A grimace meant as a smile instead is in its place
As she seeks her last moments of serenity
A strength transcends from which I have no identity
There is a hidden beauty in her silent breathing
From a mother’s love flows a river of believing
From the womb to the tomb
A mother’s love will make every flower bloom
Nurture the air around her with her perfume
With enough love for everyone to consume
And so in the last of the dying light
She bids me one last good night
I love you Mom

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Alfred Ramos Popularity

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