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The Bridal Veil

WE'RE married, they say, and you think you have won me,-
Well, take this white veil from my head, and look on me;
Here's matter to vex you, and matter to grieve you,
Here's doubt to distrust you, and faith to believe you,-
I am all as you see, common earth, common dew;
Be wary, and mould me to roses, not rue!

Among The Beautiful Pictures

Among the beautiful pictures
That hang on Memory's wall,
Is one of a dim old forest,
That seemeth best of all;

The Murderess

ALONG the still cold plain o'erhead,
In pale embattled crowds,
The stars their tents of darkness spread,
And camped among the clouds;

A Dream

I dreamed I had a plot of ground,
Once when I chanced asleep to drop,
And that a green hedge fenced it round,
Cloudy with roses at the top.

In The Sugar Camp

Upon the silver beeches moss
Was drawing quaint designs,
And the first dim-eyed violets

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Alice Cary (April 26, 1820 – February 12, 1871) was an American poet, and the sister of fellow poet Phoebe Cary (1824–1871)

Alice Cary was born on April 26, 1820, in Mount Healthy, Ohio near Cincinnati. Her parents lived on a farm bought by Robert Cary in 1813 in what is now North College Hill, Ohio. He called the 27 acres Clovernook Farm. The f ...

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