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Do you remember?
Do you remember laughing?
Do you remember loving?
Do you remember crying?

I'm loseing you,
I let you slide right from my hand,
You left so quickly,
It kills me,

When I am sitting next to you...
do you look at my wrists?
do you look at yours?
are you guelous?

As I pass you in the hall,
Staring into your eyes,
As you stare into mine,

In a soft and thoughtful chair,
Thoughts raceing through my head,
I can feel the tears start to overflow in my eyes,

F*** THIS...
I hate this so much...
what is happening?

Follow me...
i can take you to a place,
far far away,
were you will forget everything,

Last night i went way to far,
running my fingers through his hair,
silky smooth locks of gold,
gently stroking my arm,

Things are falling apart,
ever sense you left,
things have changed,
the light in the sky,

You seem kinda mad,
i ask,
i get the same answer,
every time,

Taking you in like a new born baby,
caring for you,
watching you fall,
but before you hi the ground,

Coming from you feet,
filling every square inch of your body,
through your vanes,
and into your stumic,

As the rain falls and hits his hands like blood,
Shivers that feel like thorns roll up and down
My spine. Waiting... waiting for the flood...
I am worried that I look like a clown,

I don't think you know,
I don't think you know how much i miss you,
Are you ok?
Doing drugs on the street,


Why do they slice there wrists?
When I see a fresh cut...
My heart drops,
As I start to think its getting better,

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Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
Do you remember laughing?
Do you remember loving?
Do you remember crying?
Do you remember?

Do you remember?
Do you remember holding me?
Do you remember being great friends?
Do you remember leaving me?
Do you remember?

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