Alicya Trevor

Alicya Trevor Poems

1. Addiction 12/6/2007
2. Waiting 11/21/2008
3. Depths Of My Heart 11/21/2008
4. The Tunnel 11/21/2008
5. Black Box 11/21/2008
6. The Boy 11/21/2008
7. Greenwood 11/21/2008
8. The Dance 11/21/2008
9. Realization 11/21/2008
10. Sisters 11/21/2008
11. Tommorow 11/21/2008
12. Love Of Mine 11/21/2008
13. How We Do It 3/10/2009
14. Thats The Past 6/10/2009
15. The Distance Of Satisfaction 1/24/2010
16. Nesting 1/24/2010
17. Air To Breath 7/27/2010
18. Forever Perfect 7/27/2010
19. Yet To Be Fixed 7/27/2010
20. The Perfect Bond 7/27/2010
21. I Am 12/6/2007
22. Anthem For Doomed Youth 11/21/2008
23. For The Future 1/18/2009

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Best Poem of Alicya Trevor

Anthem For Doomed Youth

We the youth, have an impending doom
the audacity they have, to think
we are able to grow up so soon
without even having time to blink

Teenagers may have been forewarned
by a specific song by My Chem
in different years, our youngers were born
when they've aged, who will warn them then?

so watch out, we've started the mayhem
heres to the youth, and this is our anthem

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The Tunnel

Open the door to a blinding light of darkness
and cover your eyes to the light of possibility
seek not your personal desires
just let the darkness grab hold and take you
dragging you further and further from the light
taking everything you once knew and watch it change
throwing away all i was told i should see
what is your destiny?
will all you ever had come back?

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