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It's only my body
It's not who I am

But if I were to fall
Would you be the one to catch me?
When I'm tired and weak
Would you be able to carry me?
When my worlds gone dark
Could you me help me see the way?

It's only my body
It's not who I am

And when I collapse in your arms
Will you rest me softly in my grave?
When my eyes close only half way
Will your fingers run over them?
When I'm cold like the ground I'm in
Will you warm me with the soil?

It's only my body beneath you
It's not who I am

I cant honestly say that ...

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*fortunate One*

They say that I am a fortunate one
The fortunate daughter of a poor mans son
That dwells in the city of angels unseen
Living in luxuries you’d never believe

If you only knew how fortune deceives
Makes ones seem happy but on inside seethes
Disguises the pain and the anger within
Forgives over and over unforgivable sins