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That Indescribable Feeling

Have You Ever Felt That Indescribable
Like An Orange Without The Roughness Of The Pealing
Like A Crusty Scab That Doesn’t Seem To Be Healing
Like A Poker Game, Without The Gambling And Dealing
Never Once Am I Seized To Be Amazed
It Got Me In A Trance, I Sat And Gazed
'What’s It Like? Did I Hear You Truthfully Say
Well I Will Tell You, In My Own Little Way.

It Resembles To A Giant, Fragile Heart
One Of Which Deadly, Pierced By A Dart
If Drew On A Piece Of Paper It Wouldn’t Fail To Be A Work Of Art
If A Person it Would Be A Complete And Utter, Dirty, Ugly Tart
Being Horrible In Its Own Unique, Little Ways
Had Me In Tears, For Plenty Of Days And Days
The Kind Of Feeling Like Your The Last One In The World
Sat All Sad In The Corner Tearful, Knackered And Curled
The Last Yummy Chocolate In The Box
If Only I Could Turn Back The Clocks
It Made Me Truly Happy At First
Like My Bubble Had Finally Burst
But Then Like A Rock Avalanche Falling Through Water..
All Alone I Began To Get The First Signs Of Slaughter
O How Horrible, Worse Everything Got
I Wish I Could Start Again Like A Baby In A Cot
Then My Unhappiness Really Started To Kick Me In
If Felt Like Every Emotion I Had Was Thrown In The Bin
Nothing New Here
Living Painful Fear
I Loved You.
My Heart You Took it
My Dignity You Tore It

Now I’m left With Nothing But Damage And Destroy
I Was Taken In By A Stupid, Immature, Little Boy.

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