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1. What Life Is To Me 4/12/2011
2. Why Do We Despise Another 4/14/2011
3. Why Do You Laugh At Me 4/27/2011
4. Our God Is Greatest 5/16/2011
5. Don’t Compete With Me 4/25/2011
6. Smile 12/12/2011
7. Everyone Needs To Feel Loved 12/12/2011
8. It's Okay To Shed A Tear 8/5/2011
9. Depression 1/4/2012
10. Drug Addict 5/30/2013
11. Fantasy Temptations 2/18/2015
12. Majestic Land 2/18/2015
13. If I Could Take Away Your Tears I Would 8/5/2011
14. Lift Yourself Up 5/11/2011
15. You Can’t Break Me 5/11/2011
16. Cruelty 4/12/2011
17. Children Of Shadows 10/17/2012
18. Life Is A Precious Gift 8/5/2011
19. A Hashed World 4/19/2011
20. Let Love In Your Heart 5/11/2011
21. Lift Up Your Spirit During This Time Of Sorrow 10/26/2011
22. Aspire To Succeed 2/18/2015
23. Whispering Meadows 2/18/2015
24. Who Defines Me 2/18/2015
25. Addiction And Prostitution 11/14/2012
26. Rain Drops 4/12/2011
27. I Believe In Myself 4/14/2011
28. Thank You Mother 4/12/2011
29. The Hope Of A Better Tomorrow 4/14/2011
30. Be Who You Are 3/27/2012
31. Knowledge Is Power 12/16/2011
32. Beautiful Colors 4/19/2011
33. What Gives You Courage 4/29/2012
34. The Importance Of Education 4/13/2011
35. What Defines Success 4/21/2011
36. Trust 1/2/2012

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Trust is earned
But once violated
It’s difficult to regain

When do you trust?
Who do you trust?

You trust with your mind
You trust with your heart
You trust with honor
You trust with pride
You trust with expectations
But is putting trust in someone worth it?

Tell me, is it?

I’ve tried to trust
But ended up with betrayal
And cannot allow it to occur again

I opened my mind
Opened my heart
But only received
A shattered heart
Now I know not to trust so easily

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I Believe In Myself

I believe in God
I believe in myself regardless of what others say

I love myself
I believe in things that others would not believe

I am not insane, but intelligent
I know and feel in my heart that anything can be possible
I never give up even when it feels impossible

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