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Oh, it was good. I was good. You're so good,
he said. A purple miniskirt and a black
satin string. I smelled like cotton. I smoked

After Meat

We eat nothing now the source
is burning. The flanks of English
cows are black and curved as though

Pantoum After Falling

It would be beautiful
were it not on my body.
Now the dark softens into red.

The Wolf

Only the wolf is smiling. I tell you
this without pretense, without figure.
It is like this: only the wolf is smiling,

After The Party

Sugar dries on paper plates. The cake's
decimated and barely touched. What to do
with the balloons? A few float listlessly,

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Alison Stine's first book, Ohio Violence, will be published by the University of North Texas Press in February 2009. She is also the author of a chapbook, Lot of my Sister (Kent State University Press, 2001). She lives in New York and Ohio.

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