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Allen Braden is an American poet.
Braden graduated from McNeese State University, with an MFA.
His work is published in The New Republic, Prairie Schooner, Virginia Quarterly Review, Shenandoah, Southern Review, and Georgia Review.
He was poet-in-residence for the Poetry Center and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
He teaches at Tacoma Community College.

Allen Braden Poems

Walker Evans

In order to develop something akin to miracle,
he acquired a taste for the peeling billboards
that used to promise sweetness to every man

Your Life As Found In A Toolbox

Everything necessary to maintain
every foundation ever built so far
is found simply by fondling the latch,

Dorothea Lange

For her it all began on the streets of San Francisco
where The White Angel was doling out slabs of bread,
mugs of coffee and pearl barley stew. Each man's

Taboo Against The Word Beauty, Postmodern Postmortem

Unless beauty's a nest of mice staking claim
to upholstery abandoned, the anonymous
tuft snagged on barbed wire or a tom named


Not far from where a coyote led me
over the sparsely timbered hillside,
I found a feather held in the sagebrush

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