Allian Bern Fuentes

Rookie [Animagine] (December 12,1995 / Tambulig, Zamboanga Del Sur)

Allian Bern Fuentes Poems

1. The Missing Piece 12/16/2012
2. The Flag With The Wind 12/16/2012
3. Philippine Fights Throwback 12/16/2012
4. The Rotten Diary 12/16/2012
5. Distance 12/16/2012
6. Cold And Silence 12/16/2012
7. The Story 12/16/2012
8. The Broken Cracks 12/16/2012
9. In The Darkness 12/16/2012
10. Slave Or King 12/14/2012
11. After The Blinding Eve 12/14/2012
12. The Nights Of Scream 12/14/2012
13. Wake 12/16/2012
14. Fairytale 12/16/2012
15. Ode To The Greatest Grandfather (Pastor Bernardo Ballares) 1/6/2013
16. Constellations Of Tongues 1/6/2013
17. True Love Is Heaven 1/6/2013
18. A Hero With His Dark Mask 1/7/2013
19. A Thousand Steps 1/7/2013
20. New Alphabet 1/11/2013
21. Far Away 1/20/2013
22. Serenade To Je-An 1/24/2013
23. In Prison 1/28/2013
24. Remains Of A Happy Beginning 1/30/2013
25. Breaking The Valentine's Day 2/4/2013
26. Farewell 2/4/2013
27. Turning Point 2/4/2013
28. Across The Ocean 2/5/2013
29. Gravity 2/6/2013
30. Keeping Away 2/10/2013
31. Stuck In The Greed 3/7/2013
32. Opposite Direction 3/7/2013
33. In My Heart 4/20/2013
34. Para Kay Je-An 4/20/2013
35. Something I Have To Learn 4/20/2013
36. Taken From Your Lies 5/9/2013
37. What I Have Become 5/9/2013
38. Sacrifice 5/9/2013
39. Faster Than A Second 5/24/2013
40. Give It To You Back 2/4/2013

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Best Poem of Allian Bern Fuentes

One By One

Don't lock the words in your brain
Even tears can hide in the rain
Trust is not easy to regain
Love handles the pain

Broken down, falling from the sky down to the ground
Strength is leaving from my courage one by one
No one left to hold on to and grab me by the hand
Feeling like there's no reason to retry and stand
Even if I left everything to get your attention
You just turned around and slowly walked away
Paid me back nothing and gave worse to the situation
So let the past make your eyes open and look back at me

Now I'm still hoping that you'll ...

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After The Blinding Eve

I see the mouths so clear
And you were there when I disappear
You write my name with paper
That you hide, you fear

I have crossed myself
But you turned back with the elves
So here I am again
With my old best friend

I believe
That after the blinding eve
Comes a sun that has been
Me when you were there

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