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One Magical Night

The Night I First Layed Eyes On Him,

Missing 30 Years Of Love

You'll never know what this could be
Because i couldn't find the words to tell you, until now 30 years later

You're the one I know is right

Leap Of Faith

No One Could've Or Would've

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01 November 2016

Never Let Your Past... Take Over Your Life, Stop Resisting And Move On, You Can't Make A Future With Your Soulmate, Until You Put The Past In The Past.

09 November 2016

Does Anyone Ever Wonder Why It Seem Like We Keep Living The Same Life Over And Over Just With Different People Does Anybody Know The Meaning Of Love Anymore, It's Like They Have Throw The Word Love around So Much That Now It Has Become Just A Four Letter Word With No Meaning Attached To It.

23 March 2017

Seconds Comes, Minutes Go, Hours Come, Days Gone, Before You Know It You Didn't Only Let Time Pass You By But You Have Let Happiness Pass You By.

24 May 2017

.It's been 30 years since the time i first seen him, And yet ever time no matter how long it's been before hearing from him again, I have always kept him with me if only in my heart.

26 July 2017

As some of us get older The mountains is where I prefere to be, It's a peaceful feeling Especially with someone you enjoy their campany.

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