Alon Calinao Dy

Rookie (Samar, Philippines)

Alon Calinao Dy Poems

1. First Time Of My Life 9/16/2012
2. Words Of Love, Truth, Conscience, And God 9/17/2012
3. I Love You 10/7/2012
4. Prayers 10/10/2012
5. I'Ll Hold You 10/12/2012
6. The Promise 10/16/2012
7. My Birthday Wishes 10/17/2012
8. It's Our Birthday 10/18/2012
9. True Love Part 3 10/28/2012
10. True Love Part 2 10/28/2012
11. Friend's Halloween Party 10/31/2012
12. In The Name Of Love 11/2/2012
13. Without You 11/2/2012
14. Dear Gre Pearl Gay 11/6/2012
15. God Is My Secret 11/14/2012
16. O Dear, Till We Meet Again 11/14/2012
17. Our Lord Jesus Is With You 11/20/2012
18. When I'M With You, O Lord Jesus 11/22/2012
19. What Are My Dreams In Life 11/25/2012
20. My Seminary Life 11/29/2012
21. Lord Jesus, You Are The One 12/1/2012
22. It's Christmas Day! 12/4/2012
23. Love Is A Dream That Comes Unexpectedly 12/5/2012
24. Please, Be Mine 12/6/2012
25. Marquez Versus Pacquiao Iv 12/10/2012
26. Being A Father At Christmas 12/10/2012
27. Peace 12/12/2012
28. Rise Again, Manny! 12/12/2012
29. Confessions Of Love 12/12/2012
30. Perfection 12/12/2012
31. Don'T Say Goodbye 12/13/2012
32. The Sports 12/13/2012
33. Losing A Child 12/15/2012
34. A Time For A Better Change! 12/7/2012
35. A Letter To The Youth 12/7/2012
36. Christmas Season 12/8/2012
37. If This Would Make You Happy 12/17/2012
38. A Summer Christmas 12/17/2012
39. I Don'T Know Why 12/19/2012
40. I Knew This Was Love 12/20/2012
Best Poem of Alon Calinao Dy

I Still Love You

I still love you even though it's hard to explain
These feelings I have for you will always remain.
Even if I'll cross the river or climb the mountain,
I still love you and I'll take the challenge
'Cause my love can slay a mighty dragon.

I still love you even though you're mad
or sometimes you're hard to understand.
I'll still hold my head up and be proud
'Cause once in lifetime I got
The most beautiful woman in the planet.

Although my pride is high,
Hurts you most of the time
or makes you cry all night,
I still love you like sunshine.
I ...

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God Only Knows

God opens doors of opportunity that
No one can close.
Do not be upset
When you encounter troubles,
Good things will happen in our lives.

Leave all deadly sins behind
Including jealousy and hatred.
Be faithful to Him and

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