Dr. Antony Theodore Alone Poems

Are You Alone My Little Bird

Are you alone my little bird
alone in the vast expanse
of the sky and the sea shore?

In Silence Alone Can You Feel Me.

I remained on the island of mercy
all alone in silence.

Birds of joyful love

He Alone Can Walk With God

He who is the slave
of his own desires
exploits others
in order to pay

I Am All Alone My God

Protect me O God of the heavens.

I am all alone
sitting here and brooding over

Have Courage, You Are Not Alone.

In the most painful situations of life,
at the moments of terrible rejection,
of being cheated mercilessly by loved ones,
even when I am physically abused

God Alone Can Heal The Inner Wounds.

God alone can heal the inner wounds.
Wait for God to come.
Wait in meditation and prayer
with a loving heart.

Man Can Be Alone With The Alone

Strike hard at the thick
cloud of unknowing
with a sharp dart of longing love.

He Becomes Love In God Who Is Love Alone

Finding oneself in union with God
implies the perfect integration
of the whole human person.


Immerse deep in tranquility
surrounded now only
by unseen powers
which in tranquil quietude

It Is Not An Abstract Truth That Feeds The Mind Alone.

The object of faith is the truth.
Ideas and words are not
the food of intelligence, but the truth.

In God Alone Shall My Soul Come To Rest.

When i devotedly turn
to the cries of my heart
and listen carefully,
then I feel that my heart yearns

You Alone Know My Soul's Longing.

Till my heart seems to break
I want to love you.

You are my most handsome lover.

Totally Alone, Abandoned.

Elijah felt totally alone,
abandoned, and afraid.

There, he heard from

I - Alone - Possess - Nothing.

Other people are excited,
as though they were at a parade.

I alone don't care,

Do - Not - Grieve - Alone

Grieving can be the most
difficult time for people.

Trying to balance

Be - Alone - With - Me

This is a privilege
of greater joy
for you my child.

To - Be - Alone - With- God

As followers we
want to serve God well
as long as possible.

Grateful - To - Be - Alone

I am grateful I could
be alone this afternoon;
being in the woods,
praying on my own,

Salvation - Is - By - Grace - Alone

Galatian confirms
the reformers'
premise that the

The Reality Alone

Only the Reality,
the Atman
can save me
from the bonds

God Alone Creates Love.

God is the pure essence.
God is the pure essenceof love.

God alone creates love.

Alone With The Alone

Man can be alone
with the Alone lost in intimacy.

The experience of union