Alven L. Robinson

Alven L. Robinson Poems

1. Dionysian Dreams 6/12/2014
2. Jaisalmer Mail 6/13/2014
3. Minstrel Maggie 6/13/2014
4. Black It Fell 6/13/2014
5. The Cliff Was There 6/17/2014
6. The Leaves Of Spring Still Fall 6/17/2014
7. Awaken To The Art 6/17/2014
8. Branches Broken 6/20/2014
9. Hemlock Walked Away 6/20/2014
10. Dry Rains 6/20/2014
11. Across The Grays And Blues 6/20/2014
12. Turtle Clocks Watch 6/21/2014
13. Cavecreek Days 6/23/2014
14. Bird Of Prayer 6/26/2014
15. No Malice 6/27/2014
16. Across The Evening Dew 6/29/2014
17. Seurat Remembered 6/29/2014
18. The Jade Road 7/12/2014
19. Monsoon Days 7/12/2014
20. Eternity That Strays 7/12/2014
21. The Mountain Night 6/12/2014
22. The Mind Of Silk 6/12/2014
23. Jacaranda Lavender 7/20/2014
24. Beneath The Thunderdome 7/20/2014
25. The Blind Man 7/20/2014
26. Old Mexico 7/20/2014
27. Who Waits For Me? 7/20/2014
28. Granite Creek Park 6/18/2014
29. The Colored Pills 6/12/2014
30. Michael Jordan Rules 6/29/2014
31. The Bamboo 6/27/2014

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Best Poem of Alven L. Robinson

The Bamboo

The bamboo feels the wind and bends
a harmony transcends
the temple of it home
the grove residing on its own
its lofty motive sown,
reaching towards the sky
through the graying eyes of mist
twisting with the storms
the typhoons borne across the seas
beneath new moons
Tsuki-yumi lagoons of light,
white mirrors to ancestral pleas
Shinto prayers heard through the eaves.

The Kami chanting in surrounds
falling mute on burial grounds
to whispered lantern glows
and distant shakuhachi tones - -
the bamboo seeing all it needs,
the failed ...

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The Mind Of Silk

The mind of silk, woven with a rosary of jade,

lingers as a saint beside the fire, watching

the fabric burn into the night, turned to smoke,

left without a trace or wake behind the tides

of form, relinquished as the shadows

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