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O Robin, My Darlin

I got an idea after I seen a girl playing as Robin for the play Godspell

I saw you in Godspell

My Sweet Light

In my dream, I saw a bright light
Glimmering with sweet passion
To passionate for my eyesight,
But I endure with much delight.

In The Beach With Me And You

in the beach with me and you
watching together at the blue view.
the salty sea lingers in the air
and the summer breezes flows through your hair.

Waltz In A Full Moon

A lake with nobody around
Give us our great chance.
A night so serene and so calm
Is perfect for our secret dance.

Here I Am

Here I am lord,
Drifting in this river
With no shake or shiver.
Only the rivers quiver.

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I'm really a beginner at this poetry businnes and still ddoing high school, but later on I hope my literature will improve over time.

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