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Drowning Inside(Detail)

'A silent tear on a pale skin
Flowing down but still not fell
A pinkish fog-blurred by the glass it forms-
Percolates through the shutter

Empowered Mind

-But not feeling, my mind is subsided me
from my thoughts flowing
The need of speaking


Wish I could dive deeper down in my own heart just to find you
I know you lie right down there,
But the ocean of my anger chokes you
The waves of my own emotions


'...I lost myself in blue waving visions
Like a caterpillar in a blossom bouquet torn by the wind
And I've found myself in a dream of flesh and bones
With the Butterfly called Soul deep within me


'A grey figure on the white snow
Drew by the freezing cold,
A shadow of your hidden soul
keeps the mirror in front of you

Teardrop/A Piece Of Drop From The Ocean

'I write these lines
with tears in my eyes
Left by memories,
once they used to shine

Ode Of A Tired Soul

'Love my tired soul
out from my flesh
-Let it rest!
The voice that sang


'Swallow the pain that you fed,
The withered flowers you used to plant
Swallow the sky, the sunset it shared,
The tears you held back to keep your sorrow watered

Lost Lullaby

Lost lullaby
You wont hear that song anymore
Like a love that once
was meant to be, no endless melody

In The Heart Of Winter(Detail)

'On my pillow my tears are flowing-the icicles of a silent weep
They're frozen by the wind that comes through the window pane-the winter's cold breeze
Wildly blows like your breath at the golden times when you whispered the most beautiful night tales into my ears
The air you left still fills the empty space around me, only its temperature changed

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