Amanda Lobsiger

Amanda Lobsiger Poems

1. Horror House 3/13/2012
2. Sdrawkcab 3/13/2012
3. Bella! 3/13/2012
4. Poems 3/13/2012
5. Goats 3/13/2012
6. The Wise Ones 3/13/2012
7. Lock-N-Lock 3/13/2012
8. Maks, Not Max 3/13/2012
9. Computers. 3/13/2012
Best Poem of Amanda Lobsiger


Humans. Must. Be. So. Easily. Amused.
Never. Say. Anything. Yet. They. Laugh. So. Much. At. Me.
They. Spend. So. Much. Of. They're. Day. With. Me. In. Front. Of. Them.
They. Really. Know. How. To. Press. My. Buttons.
They. Type. As. Fast. As. They. Can.
They. Don't. Take. Into. Account. It. Hurts.
I. Get. Overworked. And. Overheated.
The. Only. Long. Break. I. Get. Is. When. The. Sun. Goes. Down.

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