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Going to a new school somewhere I never went,
This couldn't happen to me, this I never even dreamt
Thoughts line up in my head,
The ones that I truly dread

Oh sailor of the seas
Do you know how it feels
To catch your fish an’
Accomplish your mission

You just shattered my soul to a thousand pieces
Without giving me the slightest of the reasons
It might be something you thought I would soon forget
But it isn’t that easy no matter how much you regret

If you are going through something painful
Remember that it is inevitable
So waht can you do about all the pain
just feel it and let it go instead of all the strain

I come a the end of the day to sit infront of my computer
and instead I find myself facing a messy clutter
I dont even remember how the surface of a table was meant to be
i all hope for is to find it atleast once empty

Strong enough to make the right decision
that I still wonder today
It (the wrong decision) does no trouble to me
but to others loss gives way

Having reached the end of a living
I now sit down, wondering
How the years so quickly passed by in the beginning
But now here it seems like an year as each second is retiring

My dream I can see is far away from me
For it right now I am doing nothing
I am not even sure bout what I want to be
I see people around me and see them following

First of all I would like to wish you a happy birthday
I hope this happiness will throughout the year stay

I’ve been there with you so I know what you’ve been through

Just one peek out my busy life
I see everyone else having fun and sigh in grief

I remember my younger days when life seemed so easy

I rest my face on the window sill
Day dreaming and hoping still

My life will go on this lazily all the way

I remember the terriffic way
it rained pearls on town one day
evryone was heard exclaiming 'it's raining pearls'
the tiny shiny balls getting stuck in girl's curls

A young fellow whose job was to sell balloons
looked with desire at uniform clad boys going to school

Unable to contain his feelings any longer

Ow, I never thought that it would last this long
no matter how hurt I get, I thought I could stay strong
but there seems to be a huge blockage infront of my thoughts
no matter how much i try to concentrate, that huge thing blocks

Drops pour on my shoulder...,

about to drench me whole,

Born on a heavenly day
my brother comes to this world
I wonder what i would've done without him

I'm going back home
the best place I have ever known

how insufficient it always might seem

It was just a calm walk my companion and I were supposed to take
Suddenly drops started to fall and there the fuss we could not break

People were running everywhere, afraid they might dissolve in the water

Better listen to me
The the best thing in this moment you can do

It appears like it s going to rain fiercely
The sights that approve it are people running down every street hurriedly

There just rumbled a thunder although the lightening has gone missing

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Going To A New School

Going to a new school somewhere I never went,
This couldn't happen to me, this I never even dreamt
Thoughts line up in my head,
The ones that I truly dread
How might my new class mates be
Would they pick on me,
Or would they tease me

How many times did my mother tell me to stay strong,
That only the things in your head are what make you act wrong,
And also that things change due to the way we think,
Great things can suddenly be destructed under the rate of a blink,
Just because the way we thought was not right or just.

I know better, to stay strong and happy,
But that cannot possibly happen under all this anxiety.

How can I suddenly move out of a place,
Which was like a home to me
Now I might fall into a rat race,
Where I might find no one like me

My former school suddenly seems like the best place now,
Although things weren’t great at first I know that that is a place I truly love,
I had taken a very long time to adjust and make friends,
All that has completely gone waste, now that no one will come to save me even once

But things won’t get that worse I now seem to realize
If someone does hurt me I can pay deaf ears and close my eyes
I decide to make the first move while making new friends
Hey maybe it won’t be as bad I thought, I might even set new trends.

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