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Hey I am a 17 year old African American. My name is Amber. I like talking, singing, dancing, acting crazy (even tho my friends say im WAYY past that im goofy) , and some mo stuff. I live in mississippi..i also like making friends so feel free to say hi or something! !

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Barack Obama

Baraka Obama
now who wouldve thought
our first black president
i guess now they will stop seeing our faults
or will this make it worst in some strange way
all our hopes and dreams that Martin Luther King said
is up in the light and is now in hand
the country and the world will seize this plan
but its time for a change and now they 'will' see us
or will all our dreams just turn to dust
i know its not right to think this way
but i just got a feeling that something aint right...

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