Amelia A. Allen-Ray

(Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA)

Amelia A. Allen-Ray Poems

1. Fruitman 1/2/2003
2. Possum N' Greens 1/2/2003
3. Rhue's Place 1/2/2003
4. Roots Of A Tree 1/2/2003

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Roots Of A Tree

Life's full of complexities, never knowing how or fully understanding
the reasons for mere existence. There must be a purpose.
sh!-sh! hush I tell ya, don't say a wurd, membah naw, id whut'n me who tole.
all I know iz whut dey tell me, an' dey tell me de gal had dat chile
ova 30 yez ole', an' a prittie lil' thang yeh, as prittie as can be.
naw whay he be, I don' know. say he took 'um a wife, lef long time ago.
whut I du know iz, whuts done iz done. babie jane bone, claim de
granmammy, an whut she nuw.
naw de bed been laid in an' id done maid, an' de ...

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