Herbert Nehrlich America Poems

America, The Good Neighbour

It is time that I speak up for what they call America
for a people not appreciated much,
they are generous to all and help the needy near and far
millions gladly felt the good old Yankee touch.

The Fall Of America

McCain, McCain, you are running in vain!
And you are in this national drama,
how hillariously (!) funny and a little insane,
cheer the pigmented warrior Obama.

Mccain's Plans For America

America Is So Much Bigger......

As desperation really strikes
McCain and comrades, well the likes
of what has bled this country dry
by looking earnest, aiming high

America - You Can Do It (And You Must) !

America you beautiful
you only have one chance.
You need a young and potent bull
to bring you renaissance.

America The Powerful

America the powerful, defender of the meek,
around the globe you fight the crime, democracy you seek.
You did not shy away at all, from roasting all those Nips,
and stand there, proud, so white and tall, with brave words on your lips.

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