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I hope your hands
will always be for
me to hold.
And, if they are

I always have liked soccer.
Such a rough game.
Such skills required.
And popular.

There was a little bumblebee
he went down on his bumble knee
and told the queen that he was gay
this message caused her much dismay

I was not looking when you found me
you stopped just long enough to smile.
I felt your presence all around me
and hoped that you would stay awhile.

He pulled the trigger
on that noisy morning
in the Bunker of Berlin.
The pages of Mein Kampf,

A limerick can be rather funny
when the syllables are on the money.
But when none of it fits
it can give you the shits

'Yes', she uttered.
It was 1966, home turf,
when standing, tipsy
on the muddy banks

Hand in hand
hand in it
it in hand
it in it.

I stopped right at the scene of tragedy.
She stood, head bowed, long neck, wings drooping,
and motionless until she saw my face.
Damn, it was obvious, he had been truly slaughtered,

He crouched in front of all his books,
ten thousand and a few
he looked at his certificates
one hundred, none were new.

It had gone dark in my world.
An invisible sadness, one of substance
drifted in, from a horizon so far
and so unknown to me,


Death most certainly is not.

And there appeared
without a warning
a break within the clouds
that had remained,

Walk softly, boy and always carry
a stick to chase your foes away
go get the girl you want to marry
and build that house on Horseshoe Bay.

A wise man said a woman's scorn
is given to her when she's born.
She carries it, though under cover,
a secret weapon for a lover

A friend is one who is like me,
or is it one who likes me much,
and maybe someone you can touch?
Perhaps a buddy who would be

The centre of the forest was
well covered with thick brush.
And all the trees were full of moss,
the canopy looked lush.


Dawn in the valley.
A chilling fear now rises
like an emotional, ominous cloud.
It soon disperses in the mist,

'Twas late in the day
on that Christmas Eve
and the elves lost their way,
Santa rolled up his sleeve,


She smiled the smile
that only flowers know
while dew drops fell
and petals opened

Herbert Nehrlich Biography

Thank you for your continued contributions to these pages but I shall also be phasing out all replies to this Inbox.. so please, I would appreciate it if you would write to me only at above new address.... see you over there, or on your own pages... Native of Germany. Graduate from one of the oldest universities in the world. Practice of Orthomolecular Medicine, tenured science professor and amateur poet. Likes both rhyming and free verse and laughs at those who claim that 'rhyme is dead'. Favourite poetic mode of expression is the limerick.)

The Best Poem Of Herbert Nehrlich

.....When I'M Sixty-Four?

I hope your hands
will always be for
me to hold.
And, if they are
a trifle sweaty,
would you mind
to overlook
this sign of
rampant joy?

I hope your eyes
will always be for
me to love.
And, if they shed
a few shy tears,
so would you mind
I kissed them all away?

I hope your ears
will always be for
my own words.
And if they're sparse
at times or casual
would you mind
me whispering
sweet nothings -
all day and night?

I hope your smile
will always be
just waiting
to shine on me
with love
and tenderness.
And would you mind
to save your smile
when I am sleeping
for morning glory?

I hope your lips
will always be
just waiting,
for kisses that
sing songs
of love for me.
And if I hurry
out the door
still chewing brekkie,
I hope you'll
want to:
look into my eyes,
talk into my ears,
hold my calloused hands
and kiss me
'til I melt.

Herbert Nehrlich Comments

Alison Cassidy 25 December 2009

Herbert Nehrlich is a poet through and through. One of those rare souls for whom rhymin' and rhythmin' come effortlessly, gracefully and often comically, his poetry spans a very broad canvass - from traditional to free verse, from epic tale to gentle erotica - not to mention a good dose of the frivolous. Always original, he shares just enough of his German roots to leave a special taste in the mouth that is 'different' and distinctive. Herbert is passionate about his writing, combining witty humor with a deeply help belief in the human condition and the courage to follow his creative muse wherever she takes him. Read his poems. You'll be enchanted, challenged and above all thoroughly satisfied.

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Laurie Baker 30 August 2012

To all Herberts friends and followers: Herbert was badley injured in early May, massive head and body injuries, the result of being hit by a car while walking on his beloved Bribie Island QLD. After 8 weeks in hospital he was discharged and on August 13 he died of complications related to his injuries. The woman motorist who hit him was using her cellphone at the time, however strangely enough there has been no publication of this accident or his death. On contacting the Bribie Island Police they claim to have no record of this accident and were unaware he had died. All very shady and appears that the offender may be getting some type of help from the Police or the News Media? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I am probing and questioning and will post more as it comes to hand. Friend of Herberts

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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008

your poems are the beautiful nerration of earthly life

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Allan James Saywell 29 December 2008

Herbert Nehrlich will be remembered in the same light as the great story telling Poets His verse is faultless, his imagination endless His soul is filled with truth, it was an honour to meet him I will always regard him as a superior Human being Sincerely Allan James Saywell

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Herbs 'n Planz 15 December 2012

So now you've learnt the history of how these lovers met, and not a hint of misery a perfect match was set. When LOVE itself joins hand to hand no end will ever come, and all of us must understand the music of our drum.

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Steve Robson 02 April 2023

Hi Everyone. Does anyone know how to contact Herbert's estate? I am a musician, inspired by his words and would like to set some of them to music!

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662262626226262 01 November 2021


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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 03 October 2015

A multi-skilled Poet, Writer, Author and Doctor who as one of this sites charter members back in late 2004, rendered a concourse of poetically gold contributions through his many thousands of postings while always sharing his time in between poems to assist, critique and lend sound advice and support to newbees and inexperienced penners such as myself, back in 2006, when I first started writing verse, and serendipitously fell upon this site, and thankfully, Herbert along with it. Herbert did not have a style...he had a myriad of styles. He wrote on romance, politics, this site(Oh boy did he ever!) along with a wellspring of other themes/ropics that garnered tens of thousands of comments along with a New York City block longs worth of accolades, as a Poet, scholar, advisor and a Class Act of an individual. Limerick was Herbert's strongest suit. His natural penchant for wit and cleverity shone bright as a lighthouse beacon through fog. Levity was one of his many God-given gifts and Herbert took full advantage of this largess. In a capsule, Herbert Nehrlich was the kind of guy you wanted to have as your next door neighbor...talk trash and treasure with and the only thing I regret in being a friend of Herbert Nehrlich is that I never got the chance to take him up on his invitation to journey from New York to Sydney, Australia & join him on his beach house deck for some heavy-duty Aussie Beer chugging, even though I only drink cherry coke! ~Frank~ / ~FjR~

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Sally Clarke 21 July 2014

Like Mary, I have been away for such a long time and I have just found out from her about Herbert. Such sad news. What an amazing character he was. I simply loved his poems. My sincere condolences to his friends on here and his family.

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Mary Nagy 20 July 2014

I have been away for so long and to come back and see we lost Herbert....such sad news. Herbert, I'm sure even now you are probably keeping tabs on the ol' Poemhunter crew...please know you were thought of and will continue to be thought of as one of the best here. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family who even though this is not recent are surely still feeling the loss.

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